PhD Students

Weston is a PhD student in the Computer Science department. He grew up in Boston, MA, and earned his BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2018, where he collaborated with UCSF faculty to work on developing AI methods for electrocardiogram interpretation and transcription factor binding prediction. Weston is passionate about understanding how AI can be applied to cardiovascular imaging to better understand diseases and improve health outcomes. In his spare time, Weston enjoys scuba diving and performing and watching improv comedy.

Tanner is a graduate student in the Genetics PhD program who is interested in clinical genomics and the impact of structural variation on human disease. Before coming to Stanford, Tanner received his B.S. in Bioinformatics at Brigham Young University with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. He then worked as a research technician at the Mayo Clinic in the lab of Dr. John Fryer, studying the molecular response of brain immune cell types to Alzheimer’s disease pathology. During his PhD, Tanner hopes to use long-read sequencing on both rare disease and Alzheimer’s cohorts to elucidate how rare structural variants lead to aberrant gene expression and increased disease risk. In addition to this research, Tanner is passionate about making science more accessible, cycling with friends, and dancing to good music.