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Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

David Amar

David is a postdoctoral research fellow in computational biology. He earned a BSc and an MSc joint degrees in Computer Science and Life Sciences from Tel Aviv University (2012). He later received his PhD in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University (2015), and spent a semester at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley as a research fellow (2016). His current research interests are integrative analysis of omics data, replicability of research findings, and systems biology with emphasis on networks and regulation dynamics. In his limited spare time between diapers he tries to stay in shape using football (soccer) and crossfit.

Maléne is a postdoctoral research fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine. She is from Stockholm, Sweden, where she completed her Master’s degree in Biomedicine (2007) and her PhD in Medicine (2015) at Karolinska Institutet. She did her thesis on endurance training adaptation of skeletal muscle in humans and was awarded a Wallenberg fellowship to fund two years of research in the Ashley lab. Her current research interests are the molecular and genomic aspects of physical activity in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. When she is not in the lab, she likes to travel with her family, exercise, read and eat good food.

Roshni Madhvani

Roshni is a postdoctoral fellow in the Ashley lab. She grew up in Los Angeles where she attended UCLA as an undergraduate with a Neuroscience major. Shortly after, she moved to Stanford for her Masters degree in Biology and then back to UCLA for a PhD in Physiology. As a part of her graduate training at UCLA, Roshni identified therapeutic strategies to suppress cellular triggers of cardiac arrhythmias by leveraging the modular nature of L-type calcium channels and their diverse biophysical properties. During this time, she was awarded an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship for her work. Now, Roshni has returned to Stanford to continue pursuing her research interests in cardiovascular medicine. In the Ashley lab, she works on resolving a mechanistic link between inherited cardiomyopathies and the propensity for arrthythmogenesis and sudden death which accompanies such genetic conditions. In her spare time, Roshni enjoys spending time with family, traveling, cooking and reading.


Mikael is a visiting scholar from The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden, where he holds a position as assistant professor in the department of Professors P-O. Ã…strand and B. Ekblom. He received his Master's degree in physiology (2006) and his PhD in Medical Science - physiology (2011) from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. He did his thesis on the physiology of ultra-endurance athletes (Adventure Racers). His research evolves in the area of endurance performance, exercise induced cardiac fatigue and circulatory adaptations. At the Ashley lab he is involved in the projects "extreme physiology" and "the Athlete Genome".