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Ashley Lab Fundraising and Social Events

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Ashley Lab BBQ 2012

BBQ 2012

Ashley Lab Ski Trip March 2011

Ashley Lab Team


Ashley Lab/Quertermous Lab BBQ


John Taghavi manning the BBQ





Bring It! 49ers vs. Stanford Doctors Push Up Challenge

Bring It!

Ashley Lab with Niners





HCMA Conference 2010

Stanford Team


Willow Garage 2010 (annual Duchenne patient outing)

Willow Garage


End of the Year Celebration 2009

Some of the Ashley Gang


Athlete's Heart, Sudden Death and HCM Patient Day 2009

DASH 2009


Mexico HCM Genetics Trip 2009

HCM Genetics Team


Electronics Arts Trip 2009 (annual Duchenne patient outing)

EA 2009


Burns Supper 2009

Peeling Tatties at Burns Supper

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